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Course in Ziguinchor; August 2013


26 students (3 women), 9 apps developed

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Developing Native Mobile Apps course at UCAD; June-July 2013


This course surveys the specifics of the development of native applications for different mobile platforms including phones and tablets. The software engineering of application development including user-centered design, testing and quality assurance will be emphasized. Students will learn how to design and develop applications for the Java ME and Android platforms. The following topics will be covered: user interface, events processing, services management, location based facilities, sensors, network / web access, and sound and multimedia. Java ME for feature and smart phones such as Blackberry phones will be presented. The distribution of mobile applications and business models for monetization will be covered. Research and a significant project are integrated in the course.

For more information, please see the dedicated page on this course.

Developing Mobile Web & SMS Solutions course at UCAD; February-March 2013

This course introduced techniques used to create web sites for basic and smart phones. Particular attention will be on gathering data about web traffic (e.g., visitors, visits, devices, operators, and locations) and analyzing the data to engage the users and for business decision making. The course covers the development of mobile web sites and applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for multiple platforms. jQuery and Apache Cordova will be used. HTML5 will be presented. SMS and Voice technologies will be surveyed. User-centered design, testing, quality assurance and performance will be covered throughout the course. The course integrates comprehensive assignments and significant readings.

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Course on the Development of Mobile Solutions for Social Changes at the Universite Gaston Berger in St Louis from July 14-16, 2011

Theme: Smarter Cities

3 days, 12 students including 1 females, 5 mobiles solutions (health (2), transportation (1), students’ life (1), fishery (1))


Sponsor: Universite Gaston Berger, St Louis

Sponsors for prizes: Pearson Education, Mobile Senegal

Organizers: Christelle Scharff (Pace University, NY, USA), Fatou Camara (Universite Gaston Berger, St Louis)

Judges: Christelle Scharff (Pace University, NY, USA), Chun Hei Cheung (Independent, NY, USA)

For more information, please see the dedicated page on this course.