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DEM (Become a Mobile Entrepreneur), Dakar (2013)

A 1-week training was organized for professional developers in Dakar. The training covered: the African Mobile Landscape, jQuery Mobile, Design, Agile Development, Collaborative Tools (git, GitHub), and Quality Assurance. DEM means going in Wolof, one of the languages of Senegal. 25 participants from Groupe Chaka, People Input, Orange and diverses startups and NGO attended the training.

Adventure in jQuery Mobile (2012–)

At least 7 sessions of jQuery Mobile training were conducted at universities and for developers in Senegal between 2011 and 2014 : UCAD (3), ESP (1), DEM (1), ISM (1) and preparation of the 2014 Mobile(4)Senegal Competition (1). The objective of this program is to introduce jQuery Mobile for the development of multi-platform mobile applications and ignite stronger interest in mobile development. This training was also offered in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Cambodia and the US (See our international section for more details).

We organized several training sessions for faculty over the years to encourage the introduction of mobile development in the curricula of universities.

Faculty Training on Mobile Development at UCAD, Dakar (2013)

Faculty Training on Mobile Web in Collaboration with W3C, Dakar (2011)

Faculty Training on Java ME and SMS, Dakar (2010)

Faculty Training on Mobile Development for Senegal at Manobi, Dakar (2009)