Bootcamp at the Université de Thiès; January 9-17, 2009



Mobile applications developed by the Senegalese students

X-revolutionary Manager – To manage the expenses of artisans (winner)

Kom Kom – To manage the sales of artisans

WAÑÑIGAME – An educational game for young children to learn numbers

Bana Bana 1.0 – To manage the sales and expenses of women working in the fishery business

Web sites designed by the Senegalese students


ADD (Association pour le developement de Diamaguene), (winner)


Aminata Diop, Mina Production,


Astou Coulibaly, Khalifa Abacar Sy,


GIE Takky Liguey des Femmes de Guet Ndar,

  • The two best developers got internships at Manobi
  • What are the beneficiaries saying?
    • The Web site permits us to have our products exposed internationally. I am happy that the Web site is translated in English because we have lots of tourists from countries were people speak English. I would like to have the site translated in Spanish. The Web site permitted me to gain credibility to obtain loans and become a trainer for sewing for a NGO. [Aminata]
    • We are very pleased with the work you have for our association. Despite various achievements our association suffered from a lack of visibility. Therefore with your support, we could measure the positive impact on the future site of our association. We are looking forward to different partnership with you including an introduction to computers for the children of our childrengarden. The site is a great opportunity for us because it makes us visible to partners and individuals who come to St Louis. The site in English will permit us to show our achievements and expectations to English-speaking nations. To tell you the truth, this site has a great impact not only at the district level but at the international level. It was a dream for us to have a Web site and now we have it thanks to your support. The site permitted us to have contacts with partners and helped us find sponsors for impoverished children of our community kinder garden. [ADD]
  • SMS from students:
    • “Je voulais vous dire qu on etait tellement content de tout ce que vous avez fait pour nous bootcampeurs et pour toute l’universite”
    • “On est content pour votre collaboration et generosite et esperons que notre collaboration dure”
    • “On a vecu une experience extraordinaire avec vous. Vous nous avez appris beaucoup de choses”
    • “Merci pour les efforts que vous avez fait pour nous parfaire. Nous avons hate de vous retrouver”
    • “Le bootcamp etait vraiment extra”
  • Mentoring
    • Two graduate students of Pace University, Alpha Amatya and Teresa Brooks, were mentors of the Senegalese students. They gave them advice on Web design and mobile application development. They also discussed aspects of the Senegalese and American life. They learned a great deal about each others’ realities.
  • Pictures:

Important dates:

  • Opening ceremony, 1/9/2009, 5 pm – 7 pm, Université de Thiès, Auditorium
  • Award ceremony, 1/17/2009, 3 pm – 6 pm, Hotel Lat Dior, Thiès

Venue: Hotel Lat Dior, Thies


  • Team: Jappo
    • Wiki:
    • Members: Mamadou Diop, Cheikh Tidiane Ndiaye, Malang Sonko, Youssoupha Soumaré
    • Section: Web
    • Client: ADD
    • Peer mentor: Teresa Brooks
  • Team: CGFGT
    • Wiki:
    • Members: Abdou Khafor Ndiaye, Pierre Ndiana Ndiaye, Ousmane Senghor, Aminata Sow (team leader)
    • Section: Web
    • Client: Aminata and Asto
    • Peer mentor: Aaron Dancygier
  • Team: The Challengers
    • Wiki:
    • Members: Aboubacar Diaw, Mounirou Fall, Abdou Ndiaye, Idy Ndiaye (team leader)
    • Section: Web
    • Client: Takku Liguey
    • Peer mentor: Alpha Amatya
  • Team: ThirdTeam
    • Wiki:
    • Members: Noumounthi Abdoulaye Diao (team leader), Mamadou Ndir, Khady Agnounthy Coly, Tamsir Diop
    • Section: Mobile
    • Client: ADD (educational games for young children)
    • Peer mentor: Alpha Amatya
  • Team: TeamLGI6
    • Wiki:
    • Members: Pierre Christophe Boucar Faye, Serigne Moustapha Kane, Amdane Samb (team leader), Coly Laity Senghor
    • Section: Mobile
    • Client: Astou Coulibaly (expenses)
    • Peer mentor: Aaron Dancygier
  • Team: Liguey4bamba
    • Wiki:
    • Members: Moustapha Diagne, Adama Balla Kone, Ahmadou Bamba Ndiaye (team leader), Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Ndiaye
    • Section: Mobile
    • Client: Aminata Diop (sales)
    • Peer mentor: Alpha Amatya

Clients (for mobile applications and Web sites):

  • Aminata Diop, Mina Production, Artisan Village, Saint Louis, Senegal
  • Astou Coulibaly, Khalifa Ababacar Sy, Artisan Village, Saint Louis, Senegal
  • ADD Association, Fatimata Sow/ Aïssatou Siby, Saint Louis, Senegal
  • Binta Sarr, Takky Liggey Fish Market, Saint Louis, Senegal

External speakers:

  • Daniel Annerose, Manobi, CEO / Directeur General and Régis N’dossani L., Manobi, Ingénieur
  • Mamadou Falilou Sarr, Development Program Specialist, Senegal

Judges of the final work: Professor Fadel Niang (Representative of the Rector), Polytechnic School, Thies, Senegal; Professor Ibrahima Ndiaye, Polytechnic School, Dean of the School of Economics and Social Sciences, Thies University, Senegal; Jean-Marie Dembele, Assistant Professor in Computer Science, University Gaston Berger, Saint Louis, Senegal; Khadim Mbacke, Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Polytechnic School, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal; Ramatoulaye Diagne, Software Developper, Sonatel; Mamadou Falilou Sarr, Economist, Senegal; Cheikhou Thiam, Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Thies University, Senegal; Gnilane Faye, Student, Master in Computer Science, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal