Bootcamp on Development of Mobile Solutions for Social Changes in Dakar; July 22-26, 2010

Theme: Empowering Women and Girls

5 days, 21 students including 14 females, 7 mobiles applications (maternal health (2), maternal health and financial awareness (1), Senegalese recipes (2), woman support groups (2))


Where: WARC, Fann Residence, Rue E x Léon G Damas, Dakar, SENEGAL

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Sponsors: Google and NCIIA (Through grants to Pace University)

Organizers: Christelle Scharff (Pace University, NY, USA), Jean-Marie Preira (ESMT, Dakar, Senegal), James Tamgno (ESMT, Dakar, Senegal), Mobile Senegal

Guests: Tidjane Deme (Google, Senegal), Ndéye Maimouna DIOP DIAGNE (Directrice des TIC, Ministère des Télécommunications, des TICS, des Transports terrestres et des Transports ferroviaires), Mohamadou Arabani Saibou (Directeur General, ESMT, Dakar, Senegal), Nadimé Hyjazi (Neurotech, Dakar, Senegal), Aboubacar sadikh Ndiaye (New Media Specialist, Auteur/ Chroniqueur Web 2.0, Senegal), GTUG organizers (Hassan Moustapha and Idrissa)

Judges: Ibrahima Ngom (ESP, Dakar, Senegal), Samba Ba (ESMT, Dakar), Babacar Ngom (UCAD, Dakar, Senegal), Pape Alassane Niang (Sonatel, Senegal)

  • External judges reviewed the work of the students

Speakers: Aboubacar Sadikh Ndiaye (New Media Specialist, Auteur/ Chroniqueur Web 2.0, Senegal) on Web 2.0, Jean-Marie Preira (ESMT, Dakar, Senegal) on Mobile Web

Prizes: Nokia 5300 Xpress Music phones, t-shirts, bags, books

  • Android Wireless Application Development, Shane Conder, Addison Wesley (donated by Adison Wesley)


  • Technologies: Java ME, Kannel SMS gateway, VMware, Linux
  • Kannel, James Tamgno, ESMT, Dakar, Senegal
  • Java ME, Christelle Scharff, Pace University, NY, USA

Students’ work:


  • 1st place – Soukeyna – The name of the app means pregnant woman in Wolof. Information about being pregnant, agenda, results, names of children, invitation to baptisms…
    • Team:
      • UCAD, Dakar, Senegal
      • Baba Djombéra TANDIA (, Master 1 Transmission de Données et Sécurité de l’Information
      • Diary BA (, Master 1 Transmission de données et sécurité de l’Information
      • Mame Saye FALL ( Licence Transmission de données et sécurité de l’Information”
  • 2nd place – Mbotay – Management of groups of women – Get advice, get information that concerns you
    • Team:
      • Alioune Badara FAYE (, IGTT1 Téléinformatique
      • Aminata DIOUCK (, IGTT1 Téléinformatique
      • Aminata SECK (, IGTT1 Téléinformatique
  • 3rd place – Badienou Goxx – Register pregnant women and young mothers to follow their health and the health of their children
    • Team
      • Mariétou SALL (, Licence Informatique
      • Ndéye Sira WILLANE (, Licence Informatique
      • Mouhamadou Lamine MBODJ (, Licence Informatique

The following teams are not ranked.

  • Tay Lane La – What should I prepare for lunch and dinner today??? SMS solution to help you decide!
    • Team:
      • Ramatoulaye Yacine DIAW (, Licence Pro
      • Amina TCHANI WADE (, Engineering 3
      • Seydina Limamoulaye DIOP (, Licence Pro
  • Sanni Djamra – Groups of women – Financial help for women, how to lend money, who provided me with money and helped me…
    • Team:
      • UCAD and ESP
      • Mouhamamadou Moustapha Sène (, Master 1 Transmission de Données et Sécurité informatique
      • Ndiaya Sène (, Licence Informatique
      • Mariama Ndiaye (, Licence Informatique Réseau Télécom, l’ESP(Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique) de Dakar
  • SMSRecettes – Get recipes and addresses of restaurants on particular specialties and propose recipes by SMS.
    • Team:
      • UCAD
      • Nogaye GUEYE (, Maitrise Informatique
      • Ndèye Aby BA (, Licence Transmission des Données et Sécurité de l’Information
      • Ousmane NDIAYE (, Master 1 Recherche Transmission des Données et Sécurité de l’Information
  • Mendimbeul Djiguene – Help women in health and economy and provide information useful to women.
    • Team:
      • University of Thies
      • Diouma Aîssata Baldé (dioumaaîssatabaldé, License Informatique
      • Awa Faye (, License Informatique
      • Papa Samour Diop (, License Informatique

Testimonials: What are students saying about the bootcamp?

  • Why did students attend the bootcamp?
    • “My classmates had already attended a bootcamp and I knew it was interesting. It is what got me to participate. After the selection I saw participants in Master and engineers, I did not think we went to take a winning place.”
    • “I have always been passionated with programming… So I wanted to participate in bootcamp since it gives me the opportunity to learn Java ME and develop a mobile application. It is very important to me.”
  • What did students like most?
    • “atmosphere, the agreement between the participants, the availability of the instructors, knowledge and advice, meeting important personalities in the field of information technology and communication, it was fascinating!”
    • “the manner in which courses were taught”
  • What did you like least?
    • “It was too short”
  • The mobile applications focused on health “because we are confronted with problems of development we should rather focus on these types of applications. People do not have access to health and are poor”
  • After the bootcamp, I plan to
    • “give the knowledge that I learned to my classmates who have some knowledge in java”
    • “organize study time with my classmate [on mobile application development and Kannel] and then with friends of the field”


  • Opening ceremony: 7/22 at 9 am in presence of Ndéye Maimouna DIOP DIAGNE (Directrice des TIC, Ministère des Télécommunications, des TICS, des Transports terrestres et des Transports ferroviaires) and Dr. Ousmane Sene (Director of WARC, Dakar, Senegal)
  • Closing ceremony: 7/26 at 4 pm in presence of representatives of Google, Sonatel, and different universities in Senegal
  • Complete bootcamp agenda (PDF)