2nd Competition of Mobile Application Development in Senegal: How to participate?


The competition is conducted online. An award ceremony will be organized at the Savana Hotel in Dakar.


  • This competition is open to all students in Senegal. Students must be able to prove their student status.
  • Applications developed in bootcamp are not eligible.


Social development


Teams are made of up to 3 students.


Mobile applications should address social development. The following topics are particularly encouraged:

  • Health
  • Activism
  • Education
  • Support for the informal sector
  • Journalism
  • Support for the rural population
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Social Networks
  • Mapping

This list is not exhaustive.

Applications that fail to address social development will not be accepted.


All mobile applications submitted must be written in Java ME.

A combination of Java ME, SMS and mobile web technologies can be considered. The core technology should be Java ME.


  • Submissions that do not follow the instructions will not be accepted.
  • The language of the competition is English. The language of the user interface of the application is also English. You can add other languages as well (French and local languages).
  • Only applications written in Java ME will be considered. However, a combination of Java ME, SMS and mobile web technologies can be considered.
  • The contest is administered online. If you have any questions, you can use the provided e-mail or participate in the 2 online chats that are planned in October and November.
  • Participants must be organized into teams of 3 members (or less).
  • A member may not be part of multiple teams simultaneously.
  • Participants of a team may be from different universities / schools.
  • By entering this Contest, each entrant warrants that
    • (i) the application is original.
    • (ii) the application does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third person. For examples, the participant has the required rights for the multimedia elements of the application.
    • (iii) the entrant is authorized to enter the competition.
  • All submissions remain the intellectual property of the team submitting the application.