3rd Competition of Mobile Application Development in Senegal: What to submit?


The submission consists of:

  • A title for the application.
  • A short description of the application (250 words maximum). The description should show how you addressed the theme of the competition. The platform you targeted must be mentioned. 250 words to convince! (IN ENGLISH)
  • Model(s) of phones on which the application was tested and deployed. If you only tested the application on emulators please mention it. (IN ENGLISH)
  • If the application was submitted in a store (e.g., Nokia Ovi Store, Android Market, Microsoft Yalla Apps…) please mention it.
  • A link to a YouTube video of the application (3 minutes maximum) Do not provide the video itself just a link to the YouTube video. (IN FRENCH OR ENGLISH)
  • Three screenshots of the app (dimensions are 500 x 500). The names of the files you submit should be the name of your app followed by screenshot and followed by 1, 2 and 3 (e.g., myappscreenshot1.png, myappscreenshot2.png and myappscreenshot3.png).
  • A presentation (PowerPoint, PDF or similar). The name of the file you submit should be the name of your app followed by presentation (e.g., myapppresentation.ppt). An outline of presentation is provided below. (IN ENGLISH)
  • The executable of the application (jad/jar for Java ME, apk for Android…). Judges do not run your code! They need the executable. The application can be in FRENCH, ENGLISH or any language of Senegal.
  • For the award ceremony, all participants will be invited to do a poster that presents their app – 1 PowerPoint Slides. It will be printed in A3 format and you will have some time to interact with the guest on the day of the reception. It is a good opportunity to showcase your appp. (IN FRENCH)
  • All the required items will be submitted here. You may have to put all the files in a zip file.


The video must show the context in which the application will be used. A demonstration of the application must also be provided. The video should be 3 minutes or less. You can use camstudio (http://camstudio.org) to make your video. There are other available software.


The presentation must be in English and include the following information:

  • Title. Title of the application.
  • Agenda. Plan of the presentation.
  • Team. List of team members with pictures, institutions/universities, emails and phone numbers. All infos are required.
  • Competitors. A description of your competitors (Who are your competitors? Who is proposing a similar solution as yours? Make some research!)
  • Needs, Beneficiaries, Impact. What are the needs for such a solution? Who are the beneficiaries? What could be the impact for such a solution for the beneficiaries? What is the potential number of users?)
  • Main Features. The description of the application and its main features. The status of the development of the solution has to be provided here (what was implemented? What are the improvements to be done?…)
  • Technologies. The technologies that were used.
  • Deployment Plans. Plans for deployment to users (e.g., pilot, Android market / Nokia Ovi Store, Microsoft Yalla Apps…)
  • Entrepreneurship. Do you plan to be a mobile entrepreneur? What is the business model around the mobile solution you propose?
  • Challenges. Challenges you envision for deployment, scaling and entrepreneurship.
  • Future. What are your future plans for the solution?

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Impact and relevance to the proposed theme (4 points)
    • Does the application fill a need? Is the application relevant to the theme? Does it have a defined impact? Is it clear how this application will be deployed and distributed?
  • Innovation and creativity (4 points)
    • Is the application innovative? Does it show creativity?
  • Technical sophistication (4 points)
    • What level of technical sophistication was showcased? Are there coding errors? Are the features of the application what a user would expect from it? Are there missing features? Are there any logical problems in the application?
  • Usability (4 points)
    • Is the application usable? Is it easy to use? Is it implemented following the usability standard of the targeted platform? Will the application be easy to use by its beneficiaries? Are beneficiaries at the center of the application?
  • Quality and Ready to ship (4 points)
    • Is the application ready to ship? Is the quality of the application of professional level?