Winners and finalists of the 3rd Competition of Mobile Development for Senegal


1st place – SenGeoSante (Available on Google Play)

Sen Geo Sante is a mobile Geographic Information System for dynamic location of health facilities in Senegal, particularly in Dakar. Using Sen Geo Sante, people can find the location, contacts and services of clinics, pharmacies, health centers, hospitals, emergency, laboratory and even get directions to the facilities. Getting this information quickly can save lives, thus contributing to sustainable development. Because without people, no development is possible.

2nd place – Donor (Available on the Nokia Store)

Donor is an application that connects blood donors to hospitals (blood banks). It has a search engine that allows blood banks to retrieve donor information from an online database. Based on the search criteria, blood banks can locate donors who live in a particular region or have the needed blood types and are available to give blood.

3rd place – Transport Dakar

Dakar, the economic capital of Senegal, is one of the largest cities in West Africa. We have many types of public transportation: taxis, buses and “Rapides”. Users of public transportation do not have information to help them find the bus that gets them to their destinations. That’s why we made an application Transport Dakar for Android phones to help users to decide the best type of transportation for them (buses of Dakar Dem Dikk and AFTU). The application provides information about bus routes from Google Maps helps users to decide which transportation to use according to their destination finds closest bus stop.


Easy Contracept

Easy Contracept is an application that allows and provides easy contraception for women. Contraception is not widespread due to poor population health management and the cost is too high for families who wish to use it. The application Easy Contracept is the ideal solution in renewing the use of contraception.

  • Predict the onset of menstruation
  • Know the fertile periods
  • Avoid unwanted pregnancies
  • Reduce frequent pregnancies of women

Adresses Utiles

Adresses Utiles is a mobile application, developed using Java technology (J2ME), that guides users to their favorite spots without searching on the internet. The user can search for an address and then be guided with geolocation, send SMS or call the business directly, and the option to update the application with an online connection. The application has a set of information which you can access anywhere at any time of day. For example, finding the number of hotel, restaurant etc. is now easy. Adresses Utiles uses the server to save the address and user configuration. Right after it’s installed on the phone, the application only needs to connect to the server once to load all addresses. The user has the option to update the database and add more addresses.

Visa Mobile

Visa Mobile is an Android application that helps the user to set up appointments with embassies and consulates. It’s easy to use with a friendly interface and easy to integrate. It is developed with Android and Kannel, an SMS gateway, as an intermediary between the application on the phone and the MySQL database. The database stores information on users, their appointment, embassies and consulates and their addresses and phone numbers, etc.