Course on the Development of Mobile Solutions for Social Changes with Java ME at the Universite Gaston Berger in St Louis from July 14-16, 2011

Theme: Smarter Cities


3 days, 12 students including 1 females, 5 mobiles solutions (health (2), transportation (1), students’ life (1), fishery (1))

Sponsors: Universite Gaston Berger, St Louis

Sponsors for the prizes: Pearson Education, Mobile Senegal

Organizers: Christelle Scharff (Pace University, NY, USA), Fatou Camara (Universite Gaston Berger, St Louis)

Judges: Christelle Scharff (Pace University, NY, USA), Chun Hei Cheung (Independent, NY, USA)

Students’ work:

  • 1st place – Sanar Message Service for students to know what and where services (printing, dining, transportation…) are offered on campus
  • 2nd placeSMS-Santé to find the closest hospital, doctor, pharmacy… by SMS
  • 3rd place – Pharma Proxi to find the pharmacy carrying specific medication
  • Intelligent Transportation to find the closest stop of Dakar Dem Dikk buses and be aware of delays