Developing Mobile Web & SMS Solutions at UCAD; February-March 2013

Do you want to learn about mobile?
Do you want to design mobile solutions?
Do you want to deploy mobile solutions?
Do you want to be a mobile tech entrepreneur?


This course introduced techniques used to create web sites for basic and smart phones. Particular attention will be on gathering data about web traffic (e.g., visitors, visits, devices, operators, and locations) and analyzing the data to engage the users and for business decision making. The course covers the development of mobile web sites and applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for multiple platforms. jQuery and Apache Cordova will be used. HTML5 will be presented. SMS and Voice technologies will be surveyed. User-centered design, testing, quality assurance and performance will be covered throughout the course. The course integrates comprehensive assignments and significant readings.

Prerequisites: Background in Web technologies

Instructor: Dr. Christelle Scharff

Note: Thesis and internship projects will be proposed during and after the course.

Recommended books:

Programming the Mobile Web. Maximilianp Firtman, O’Reilly, 2010.
Mobile Design and Development: Practical Concepts and Techniques for Creating Mobile
Sites and web Apps. Brian Fling, O’Reilly, 2009.
Mobile Web Development. Nirav Mehta, Packt Publishing, 2008.
Pro Android Web App. Damon Oehlman and Sebastien Blanch, Apress, 2011.

Additional materials and recommended readings will be assigned.


After taking this course, students should be able to:

  • Develop and maintain high-quality mobile web sites and applications;
  • Setting up SMS service using free and/or open source tools;
  • Understand the specifics and constraints of developing web products for mobile platforms (including different mobile platforms);
  • Appreciate the importance of user-centered design, testing, quality assurance and performance in development quality mobile web products;
  • Be knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and HTML5 for mobile web development;
  • Have knowledge in developing mobile web applications for the multiple platforms; and
  • Understand privacy concerns, and data gathering and analysis of web / SMS traffic to engage users and for decision making in the mobile context.


  • SMS technology
  • What are the mobile web and mobile web apps?
  • WISIWYG tools for mobile web sites
  • Mobile web Strategy and monetization
  • Web standards
  • HTML coding markups
  • CSS for mobile
  • JavaScript for mobile
  • Server-side browser detection and content delivery
  • Geolocation and maps
  • jQuery mobile
  • HTML5
  • Usability
  • Quality Assurance
  • Apache Cordova for web apps
  • Applications of the mobile web
  • Voice technologies