Adventure in jQuery Mobile

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This training on jQuery Mobile was conducted at different universities and research centers. It was offered either as an intensive training of 1 day or over 1 week with less detail.


The objective of this program is to introduce jQuery Mobile, encourage developers to design multi-platform mobile applications, and ignite stronger interest in mobile application development.


This program is suitable for students, developers and IT professionals with or without experience in mobile development. Knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a plus.


This course covers jQuery Mobile ( jQuery Mobile is a JavaScript library for creating mobile websites. It provides a unified user interface system based on HTML5 that runs on most modern browsers and phones. It focuses on the technical improvement and progressive features that reduces coding and management of Ajax interactions. The course will also cover how to go from a mobile web site to a mobile application using Apache Cordova.


  • Mobile development
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Testing a mobile website mobile
  • From a mobile website to a mobile web app with Apache Cordova
  • Projects in jQuery Mobile (mini-hackathon)

Software to install