Faculty Training on Mobile Web in collaboration with W3C, Dakar (2011)

This training was organized in collaboration with W3C.

25 participants from universities and industry in Senegal (ESP, ESMT, UGB, UCAD, BAMBEY, UHAB, Thies, Coders4Africa, and Neurotech)

Sponsors: W3C

Organizers: W3C Senegal and Mobile Senegal

When: June 14th-15th, 2011

Where: WARC (West African Research Center), Dakar. Address: B P 5456 (Fann-Residence), Rue E x Léon G Damas, Dakar, SENEGAL


Presentation by Fracois Daoust, W3C

Discussion on research and education in mobility in Senegal (in French, PDF file)


Meetup avec François Daoust et Hovi sur le web mobile.


“Atteinte des OMD : La technologie mobile comme levier” by Bacary Dabo; Sud Quotidien, 15 June 2011 (archived on osiris.sn)