3rd Competition of Mobile Development for Senegal (2011)

Theme: For a sustainable development – social, economical, environmental…

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Do you have an idea for sustainable development? Do you want to build applications for the billion users?

After successful first and second editions in 2009 and 2011, Mobile Senegal is back with the 3rd Competition!

The theme of the competition is For A Sustainable Development. Be innovative and creative! What mobile solution for sustainable development? We are also opening the competition to submissions from all platforms (Java ME, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Web apps, SMS services… You name it!)

In three years the mobile landscape flourished in Senegal. The community is developing rapidly. Mobile Senegal is a pioneer and the first network on mobile technology in Senegal. Mobile Senegal trained more than 230 students in mobile technology. 5 boot camps, 3 competitions, and 3 training for faculty were organized. 3 pilots were deployed on the ground. Kom Kom was a judge choice at the Nokia Calling All Innovators competition in 2009. Cible CI, a mobile app for first-grade pupils, is to be deployed in Senegal in November 2011 and got a lot of press. Mobile Senegal facilitated the development of 2 meetups – Mobile Innovations Dakar and Mobile Innovation Thiès – and a chapter of Mobile Monday started in Dakar, the first in Francophone West Africa. Papers summarizing our results were published at the Mobile 4 Development conference in 2008 and 2010.

There are over 5 billion mobile subscribers and over 70% of them are in developing countries. Africa is the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world. Mobiles are computers that can be programmed the same way computers are. Mobile applications can create a variety of experiences for their users – experiences in social networking, gaming, entertainment, education, marketing, mapping, finance, arts, training, health, agriculture… – and change the world for better.

Platform: The platform of your choice! (Java ME, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Web app, SMS service… You name it!)

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Entrepreneurship follow-up:


Important dates:

  • October 1st to December 18th, 2011 (online). The submission site will close at 11:59 pm on 12/18. There will be no extension.
  • Registration: November 30th, 2011 (encouraged for planning purposes but not required, you are just saying that you plan to submit!)
  • Judges (online): December 19th,2011 – January 4th, 2012
  • Announcement of the 6 best apps: January 5th, 2012
  • Presentations by the 6 best teams and announcements of the winners at a great event at the Novotel Hotel (Dakar) on January 9th, 2012



Prestigious Judges and Judging Process

Great Prizes!

The 3 teams with the best mobile solutions will be rewarded with great prizes. See the section about judges for the judging process.

Prizes include:

  • Laptops and netbooks (provided through funding from IBM)(one per team member, first prize: laptops, second prize: netbooks, third prize: netbooks)
  • Phones (provided by Nokia – Nokia N9 and Nokia 700) (one per team member for the first, second and third prize)
  • Entrepreneurship support (provided by CTIC)
  • Quality Assurance of the applications (provided by SenMobile)
  • Books (provided by O’Reilly and Pearson Education)
  • The favorite application of the public determined by SMS votes will receive a special Mobile Senegal kit (bag, tee shirt, developer goodies).

The reception is sponsored by Djanoa, Neurotech and SenMobile.

What to submit? Read the submission guidelines.

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Organization committee:

The facilitators of the competition are Christelle Scharff, Pace University, New York, USA (cscharff AT pace.edu); Jean-Marie Preira, ESMT, Dakar, Senegal (preira AT esmt.sn); Noumounthi Abdoulaye Diao, Sen Mobile, Senegal, (noumounthi AT gmail.com); Amdane Samb, Senegal (amdanessamb AT gmail.com), and Chun Hei Cheung (davec316 AT gmail.com) (Chair, Judging Process)